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Customer Service for Internet Startups:

Getting your online business to stand out from the crowd won't be easy but you can make your site special by choosing to specialize in one thing sorely lacking in the online world, Customer Service!

You need to make contacting you a snap, have a page devoted to different ways to contact you and sprinkle at least an e-mail address and links to the contact page on each and every page of your site.

You need to jump on all visitor inquiries, reply within 12-24 hours in a polite courteous fashion. People need to know there is a real life human behind the site who will help them if there is a problem.

Follow up to find out if your reply was helpful, any kind of special attention is sorely lacking online. 

Under promise and over deliver. You only need to visit some other sites and test their customer service to see why online consumers are wary.

Build a relationship if you can, show you are sincere. People are tired of being scammed. Quality customer service will enable you to compete with the biggest sites online as the personal touch is missing from most websites.

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